Revolutionary advice

Takes half the time.

Collaborative web application to model complex client scenarios and efficiently deliver great advice to your clients.

1 client group free
No onboarding costs
Unlimited seats

Faster advice

Everything you need to give great advice

Make your advice production efficient, effective, and great for your clients

Efficient scenario modelling for complex client positions.
Workflow management to help achieve client outcomes.
Position tracking
Show clients your progress together with year on year position tracking.
Produce advice documents faster to do what you love: spend more time with clients.


Own your data

Get all of your client's data in one place to make communication within your business transparent.

Source of truth.
Make MOAS your source of truth to get control of your client data.
Data driven documents that use your client data in MOAS.
Keep on top of all types of client work, from full SoA generation to change of address requests.
MOAS group page

Advice generation

Scenario modelling

Easily contrast and compare scenarios with your clients to show the effects of your proposed strategies or their lifestyle goals.

Create copies of existing client data to model complex scenarios in your advice.
Compare and contrast between scenarios with the click of a button.
Clearly see the effects of your advice in action and how each model changes client cashflow.
MOAS modelling


Unlimited advice documents

Collaborate with your team in real time to rapidly draft and complete advice documents.

Customise and build your own advice templates.
Templates help you keep your documents consistent and allow you to produce personalised advice.
Add real client data to your documents as your write your advice.
Fully customise your templates and documents to reflect your business branding.
MOAS document

Client journey

Year on year tracking

After producing advice, client positions are recorded for you to follow their journey with them and show the progress you have made together.

Demonstrate your clients' financial position over time.
Look back at previous advice your have given. All your advice in one place.
MOAS records client financial positions everytime you give advice.
MOAS Journey

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