All taken care of


1. Availability

Here at MOAS we use Google Cloud as our cloud provider. We host our resources in Google’s Sydney data centre, onshore in Australia. We are committed to providing available and reliable services to our users. We actively monitor and record server activity to be informed about how our services are operating and performing. We use a combination of regional (e.g. Australia) and zonal (e.g. Sydney) resources, in accordance with Google Cloud’s recommendations, to ensure that our services will remain available even during zonal outages.

2. Access

  • We use best practices when it comes passwords and ensure they are handled and stored securely. We will be expanding upon our current authentication protocols by following Google Cloud’s recommendations regarding account authentication and password management.
  • We recommend following the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s guide to creating strong passphrases to best protect your passwords as well.
  • We allow administrators of organisations within MOAS to control access to their own system so you can have as many or as few users as your organisation requires.

3. Security

We encrypt your data in transit and at rest to keep it protected at all times. MOAS uses SSL certificates to enable HTTPS communication with our servers. This ensures an encrypted connection between our servers so that your information is safe during transportation.

4. Backups

We take daily backups of our systems in case we need to roll back our services. We keep the 7 latest backups and log files highly available so that if a recovery process is required, even if services are disrupted, the recovery plan can be executed.